Wilson's Ridge

We will cut this background to the size you request, PLEASE use the interior dimensions of your tank. We will cut to the nearest 1/8”, please try to be as accurate as possible.
Wilson's Ridge was inspired to create a mixture of Texas wall and ledges. This allows fish to rest on the beautiful cuts and naturally pick off algae or food that lands on them. This Background is perfect for Fish of all types but really cool with Tropheus, Petros, Predator Haps, Plecos, Frontosa and any lake Victoria Cichlid.
** This Background is fairly deep, it can reach up to 8" in most places. Perfect for tropheus, community fish, frogs, lizards and lake malawi fish.


For tanks that have overflow boxes or unique shapes please call 972-412-7179 as these backgrounds require additional work and care. 

End Cap Option: What is it, and do you need it?

In short, end caps finish off or block the view of the gap you would see looking down the side of your aquarium. (See pictures)  The end caps are permanently attached, as one piece, to your background on the side(s) you choose, completing the look of your tank. NOTE: This is not something we can add later


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