Our largest, No-digging-required pond comes in 2 pieces; the "pond" part is our flexible polyurea backed up by a thin layer of our polyurethane foam, it forms a water tight skin to hold the water and the "ring" or "surround" part is the same material but designed in such a way that it covers and supports the inside pond.

Suitable for medium to larger waterfalls like LEW-003LEW-003-Med and MW-004; this can be placed in grass or on concrete and doesn’t need to be dug in, it does however need to be on a level surface to function properly.

Measurements in Metric

Length: 214.5 cm
Width: 161.5 cm
Height: 30.5 cm
Weight: 28 kg

Measurements in US/Imperial

Length: 86.5 in
Width: 63 in
Height: 12 in
Weight: 61.6 lbs

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