Accent Rocks: are one of the easiest and perfect ways to add another dimension to a new or existing garden.
Proportional rocks in a garden give the same effect as proportional plants ranging from ground covers to trees, helping you to create a naturally balanced landscape.  These rocks, just like real ones, are best installed in odd numbers and dug into the earth making them look like they have been buried for many, many years in the landscape.  They also help and look the best when a garden bed is created with different levels. To complete your landscape of plants and rocks various mulches such as different sized river stones and colored barks can give a perfect look - Don’t forget to finish it with garden lighting!

Our accent rocks are also just perfect for covering those ugly utilities we all have around our house.  Also, perfect as buried rock outcrops in your lawn, can set your garden apart from the rest.  These rocks and their color are made to withstand your lawn mower and weed eater!


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Displaying 1-24 of 37 View All

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