One of our Largest and most impressive pieces for swimming pools and large ponds, it was molded from the front of a large rock face tucked under the mangrove trees on the George's River, Sydney, Australia.

This Cave has 2 water outlets and we suggest you valve the right side water outlet so you can achieve the right amount of water flow out of the center water outlet. Depending on the size pump you use, it may be best to use a real rock or two and place it on the water outlets to disperse the water evenly to achieve the best effect.

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Ponds - pond waterfalls - waterfalls - CAVE-003


Measurements in Metric

Length: 260.5 cm
Width: 134.5 cm
Height: 109 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Fitting Size: 25 mm
Tube Size: 25 mm
Pump Size: 9000 liters per hour

Measurements in US/Imperial

Length: 102.5 in
Width: 53 in
Height: 43 in
Weight: 143 lbs
Fitting Size: 1 in
Tube Size: 1 in
Pump Size: 2400 gallons per hour

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