Huge seller especially for the swimming pool market and also amazing on ponds, this waterfall is 3 feet tall and its wonderful formation makes for a fantastic sounding and great looking large waterfall that can be used with many of our large ponds.

Ponds - pond waterfalls - waterfalls - Large Edge Waterfall - LEW-003


Measurements in Metric

Length: 155 cm
Width: 114 cm
Height: 95 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Fitting Size: 25 mm
Tube Size: 25 mm
Pump Size: 4800 liters per hour

Measurements in US/Imperial

Length: 61 in
Width: 45 in
Height: 36 in
Weight: 83.6 lbs
Fitting Size: 1 in
Tube Size: 1 in
Pump Size: 1200 gallons per hour

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