Whether you’re new to pet reptiles or a lifelong enthusiast who’s adding or customizing an aquarium, you won’t find a better selection of lightweight, realistic reptile tank backgrounds than Universal Rocks.  We offer one of the industry’s most diverse and detailed collection of backgrounds for reptile aquariums, habitats and terrariums.  Each one is molded after rocks found in nature, and painstakingly colored using real rock material for an appearance that’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

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Displaying 1-24 of 50 View All

These enclosure backgrounds are the ones we find most suitable for reptiles and, unless specified, all various sized backgrounds come in brown.  Be sure to see other popular styles and options from Universal Rocks.  All background sizes that are listed represent the tanks they were designed to fit inside of, actual sizes will be smaller so that they can fit into those tanks.

If you need an exact size please reference the custom backgrounds section or give us a call at 888-807-7011 or write to us through our contact page.

We invite you to discover why Universal Rocks is trusted by industry experts, celebrities and renowned landscape architects everywhere. Browse our full line of faux rocks products, or explore our vast collection of custom aquarium backgrounds and other popular artificial rock decorations.

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